Elmo Rietschle by Gardner Denver

Elmo Rietschle

Elmo Rietschle specialises in high-quality blower, vacuum and pressure technologies. 

Elmo Rietschle specialises in high-quality blower, vacuum and pressure technologies. These solutions help to reduce energy consumption, improve reliability and up-time, eliminate pollution and provide cost savings.

The brand is leading the market in the plastics industry worldwide but also has a strong footprint in the food and beverage, general manufacturing, green technology, and life sciences and laboratories markets. Other key applications include handling, pneumatic conveying and pick and place solutions for general manufacturing purposes.

Robuschi by Gardner Denver


Robuschi is an international manufacturer of low pressure and vacuum solutions for green technology applications such as wastewater treatment and biogas in addition to a host of industrial processes.

More than 70 years of product innovation have made Robuschi the manufacturer of choice for operators concerned with power consumption and environmental impact.

Hoffman Lamson

Hoffman & Lamson provides a wide range of blower and central vacuum system solutions. Used in general industrial, mining and wastewater treatment applications, Hoffman & Lamson offers various types of multistage blowers and vacuum exhausters.

Thomas by Gardner Denver


Thomas has been meeting the pump and compressor requirements of OEMs worldwide for more than 50 years, offering a wide range of pumping technologies. The company’s vast product and application knowledge serves a spectrum of gas and liquid processes throughout the life sciences and laboratories industry.



When looking for durable, reliable pneumatic motors across a range of applications requiring compressed air, Cleco’s rotary vane, axial piston and radial piston motors are the optimal solutions.

AVEX Tools

AVEX Tools

Avex Tools supplies a comprehensive range of industrial and engineering tools to manufacturing companies; the automotive industry; repair and service companies; artisans, tradesmen, mechanics and hobbyists; re-sellers and distributors. Avex Tools products span from basic hand tools all the way through to highly specialised assembly/production line equipment. 

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